2012-09-27 15.29.01This blog aspires to discuss a wide range of subjects related to judgment and decision making.  This is an extremely diverse area with experts coming from many fields.  I am not one of them.

The public is delivered numerous psychological studies, one at a time in watered down form.  Members of the media love them because the studies make their jobs easy.  The public has little opportunity to learn anything that could help them make better decisions or learn anything lasting.

To a large extent what I hope to do is read the JDM literature along with those in the popular press, parse what I find most interesting, and present it in this blog.  I am a retired city planner with degrees in economics, business administration, city planning, and public health.

Below Is provided an outline of the blog categories which is based roughly on the Lens Model. I will feel free to include subjects outside these categories.

  •  1.  Definitions/history
  • 2.  Psychological Processes
  •             A. Systems
  •                         i. Analysis
  •                         ii. Intuition
  •             B. Individual factors
  •                         i. Affect
  •                         ii. Development Stage
  •                         iii.Shortcomings/bias/fallacies/illusions
  •                         iv. Memory
  •             C. Tools
  •                         i. Heuristics
  •                         ii Numeracy
  • 3.  External World
  •             A. Group Factors
  •                         i.  Culture/Cultural Evolution
  •                         ii  Morality/Altruism and Cooperation
  •                         iii Human Kinds Perception
  •                         iv. Leadership
  •                         v.  Diverse Problem Solvers
  •             B. Risk
  •             C. Situations/stressors
  •             D. Uncertainty
  • 4. Evaluating/Accuracy/Achievement
  •             A. Coherence
  •             B.  Correspondence
  •             C.  Feedback
  • 5. Theory and Models
  •             A.  Evolution
  •             B.  Rational Choice Theories
  •             C.  Dual Process and Connectionist Models
  • 6.  Enhancements/Improvements
  •             A.  Expertise
  •             B.   Risk Communication




6 thoughts on “About

  1. Daniela Link

    Hello, I am a doctoral student at the University of Lausanne and I just discovered your blog, which is great by the way, and you should totally come to our brownbags if you are interested, sometimes we have JDM topics presented.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for the kind words and heads up on the brown bag lunch. At the brown bag lunch, I would enjoy hearing you fit together ACT-R, cognitive niches, evidence accumulation, PCS-dm, and maybe embodied cognition. But alas, I am only an occasional tourist in your part of the world, so I must wait for your papers or dissertation.

  2. Allison Hermann

    I happened upon your website tonight and what a fortuitous discovery! I am looking forward to discovering the topics in more detail. I particularly admire your ability to discuss an area of psychology that is difficult to explain to the public.

  3. Patrick McAndrew

    Amazing work – I was brought here through my interest in Kind and Wicked environments and I am copletely enthralled by the work that you have compiled.

    Thank you!

  4. Eileen M. Killory

    Came to your blog following the kind and wicked learning environments as they capture differences in how we teach children to read. Your diagrams are welcomed ways of seeing the differences in the settings children learn.


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