Monthly Archives: October 2014

Mass Hysteria to the Rescue

ebolaThis post is a reaction to the column by Bret Stephens that appeared in the October 21, 2014, Wall Street Journal, entitled: “What the Ebola Experts Miss.” The column starts out:

Of course we should ban all nonessential travel from Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and any other country badly hit by the Ebola virus.


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The Robust Beauty of Ordinary Information

RobustinfoI have been doing ordinary things lately, but working on this blog has not been one of them. Ordinary things have included fixing a garage door, cutting down a tree, buying a car, harvesting two hundred pounds of grapes, figuring out what to do with them, and getting a new roof. You would not believe that such things would keep me so busy for over a month, but they did. My mind seems more ready for heuristics than analysis. Konstantinos V. Katsikopoulos  has written many interesting papers, but somehow I have not included them before.  This paper takes a little different look at a familiar topic.

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