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The Fog of the Blog-Parameter P or K?

newspaperindexThis blog has existed for two years. It includes nearly 150 posts. I should note that I remain the only one to have set eyes on a few of them. My most popular post What has Brunswik’s Lens Taught? has only 625 views. Clearly, the blog is all about me. My inability to recall what I have written in the past became obvious even to me recently. My post Parameter P -Slowness Factor (6 views)? is about a month old. My post Parallel Constraint Satisfaction- Plugging in the some of the Numbers (10 views) is a little more than a year old. While writing the Parameter P post the older post did not cross, enter, or even come close to my mind. Interestingly, they seem to concern exactly the same thing, but at different stages. This post will look at that. As for future posts, maybe it is time to look at the existing posts as source material and try to integrate the most significant ideas.

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