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Evidence Accumulation Model

evidencedownloadMy first notice of this model was in the Sollner et al paper. My quick search finds that this 2004 paper, “Evidence accumulation in decision making:  Unifying the “take the best” and the “rational” models,” by Michael D. Lee and Tarrant Cummins  is the sole exposition of the model.

A simple but common type of decision requires choosing which of two alternatives has the greater (or the lesser) value on some variable of interest. Examples of these forced-choice decisions range from the everyday (e.g., deciding whether a red or a green curry will taste
better for lunch), to the moderately important (e.g., deciding whether Madrid or Rome will provide the more enjoyable holiday), to the very important (e.g., deciding whether cutting the red or the black wire is more likely to lead to the destruction of the world).

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