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Persistence1Waiting and delay lead naturally to the concept of persistence. It is interesting that waiting to or delaying before making a decision is procrastination, while waiting for a reward after you make the decision is persistence.  Procrastination is generally panned while persistent is typically praised.

On July 5, 2014, during a repeat of the “Prairie Home Companion,” 40th anniversary celebration show, Dwayne’s mother called him about dumping his novel after only three years. She said:  “You give up so fast. That is why you have never gotten married…You are addicted to new beginnings… And did you hear about that man who has been on the same radio show for forty years?” They go back and forth for a couple of minutes when she says: “Well at least he stuck with something” and her son replies that: “the key there is stuck as in unable to move.”  Dwayne goes on to note that the guy has been married five or six times and his mom answers: “At least he kept trying.”  We all know that the correct amount of persistence is a virtue.

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