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Minimizing Diagnostic Error: The Importance of Follow-up & Feedback

diagnosticindexI lost my composure recently after reading David Brooks column “Beyond the Brain” in the June 17, 2013, New York Times.  I tried to write a post in response to it, but it got too political and personal quick.  I decided that is not what I want to do here.  But this post is prompted by something personal.

In the spring of 2011, my then 57 year old sister went to her internal medicine doctor after experiencing a large amount of blood in her urine.  She was referred to a urologist who did several tests and scans and found no issues. In August 2012 after experiencing back and leg pain, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer of the renal pelvis-Stage IV.  She has been through chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and now more chemotherapy.  She has not seen the same urologist or his group since the diagnosis.

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